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Data Empowerment

Navigate your data on your terms. Simplify analysis with our seamless SQL and visual editor. Empower your team with customized insights.

Natural Language Interaction.

Interact with your data using plain language, making data exploration intuitive.
can you give highest stock market holders
The mutual funds with the highest stock market holdings are Canara Robeco Equity Diversified Regular Plan Growth, Canara Robeco Equity Diversified Direct Plan Growth, DSP Midcap Fund Direct Plan Growth, DSP Midcap Fund Regular Plan Growth, and SBI Small Cap Fund Direct Plan Growth.

Quills AI can make mistakes. Consider checking important information

Add Sources Effortlessly

Connect databases, upload files, and manage collections seamlessly, supporting a variety of sources for efficient data consolidation.

Streamlined Data Interaction with Multiple File Types

Upload and chat effortlessly with various file formats, including Excel, CSV, PDF, DOCX, and DOC. Generate insightful graphs and tables on-the-fly and download the results as Excel or CSV files for further analysis.

Generate SQL Queries Intuitively Through Conversational Natural Language

No need to be an SQL expert! Use natural language to generate SQL queries. Translates your conversational requests into powerful SQL queries, making data retrieval a breeze.
Retrieve the credit score and outstanding debts for Smith.
SELECT cr.credit_score, cr.outstanding_debts FROM credit cr JOIN borrower br ON cr.borrower_id = br.borrower_id WHERE br.full_name = 'Smith' LIMIT 20

Quills AI can make mistakes. Consider checking important information

Direct SQL Interaction for SQL Pros

For SQL-savvy users, type your SQL queries directly in the chat. Streamline your interaction and get instant results without the need for query generation. Take control of your data with the power of direct SQL communication.

Seamless Integration with Slack and Websites

Integrate your chatbot effortlessly into Slack and your website to boost communication. Bring data insights directly into your team's channels.
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Chatbot Customization

Tailor our platform to meet your unique project requirements. We understand that one size doesn't fit all, so we offer customizable solutions that adapt to your specific needs.

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Natural Language Interaction

Interact with your data using plain language, making data exploration intuitive.

SQL Query Generation

Automatically generate SQL queries to simplify data analysis tasks.

Data Visualization & Exports

Create stunning visualizations and export data in various formats for insights and sharing.

Databases as well as File Sources

Connect to databases and import data from various file sources for comprehensive analysis.

Chatbot Integration

Incorporate chatbots for seamless and conversational data exploration and queries.

Slack Integration

Integrate with Slack for collaborative data discussions and sharing within your team.

Interactive Visualizations

Visualize Data

Visualize your data in a variety of ways thanks to a robust set of visualizations. Whether it’s as a table, a chart, or a single value — you’re in control.

Always connected to your data

Quills: Always connected to your data for seamless insights. Stay linked, stay informed.
can you give 10 highest number of employees
The top 10 companies with the highest number of employees are: Walker Group, Macdonald PLC, Ware LLC, Horton LLC, Townsend, Richmond and Underwood, Shelton PLC, Mcpherson-Blanchard, Dominguez, Branch and Mcgee, Mercer, Bush and Moore, and Mcconnell-Sheppard.

Quills AI can make mistakes. Consider checking important information

Interactive Data Visualization

Generate dynamic charts to gain insights from your data. Customize the visualization with various options and download the graph for further analysis.

Walker Group

Macdonald PLC

Ware LLC

Horton LLC


Richmond and Underwood

Shelton PLC



Branch and Mcgee





















Data Preview and Analysis

Explore the content of your uploaded files in an easy-to-read table format. Get a quick overview of your data, make informed decisions, and download the data as a CSV file for detailed analysis.

Download Options

Save graphs as images and export data previews to CSV for offline

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Favorite Apps

Connect your chatbot effortlessly with a wide range of applications. Enhance your workflow by integrating with popular tools and services, making your chatbot even more versatile and efficient.

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Use Cases

Life Sciences

Prompt-Based Data Extraction

Instead of navigating through complex databases or spreadsheets, users can simply use intuitive prompts like 'give me top 5 customer names with the highest number of contracts.' This simplifies the data extraction process and ensures that even those without technical expertise can fetch the necessary information.

Real-time Business Monitoring

As businesses evolve, there's a need for real-time monitoring of contracts, sales, and customer interactions. Quills provides an avenue for instant data retrieval, ensuring that businesses can react promptly to emerging trends or issues.

Customizable Data Portals

Once the data is fetched, Quills allows users to arrange and customize the data presentation according to their preferences. This ensures that reports, presentations, or dashboards are tailored to the specific needs of the business or department.

Client Engagement and Self-Service

With the rise of digital platforms, businesses are constantly seeking ways to engage with their clients more effectively. Quills can be integrated into web and mobile channels, allowing clients to fetch specific data or reports on-demand.

Enhanced Data Security and Integrity

In the age of cyber threats, ensuring the security and integrity of business data is paramount. Quills not only provides efficient data retrieval but also incorporates security measures to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.

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